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Blades of Chaos - God of War


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The Blades of Chaos are introduced in God of War as Kratos’ signature weapons throughout the Greek Era. Forged in the depths of the Underworld and personally offered to Kratos by Ares himself, the Blades became a symbol of the Spartan’s servitude to the Olympians, emphasised by the chains bound to the very flesh of Kratos. Widely feared throughout Greece, the Blades of Chaos personified what Kratos had become during the darkest period of his life: a monster who killed his own family out of bloodlust, turning him into the infamous Ghost of Sparta.

This double Steel replica comes complete with a God of War display plaque and fixings to make the ultimate collectable display.

Edge: Blunt
Length: 33cm
Width at quillons: 43cm
Blade width: 13cm
Blade length: 26cm
Grip length: 10cm
Weight: 2.5KG

Material: Stainless steel and Metal alloy

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