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Black Marauder Rapier


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This pretty hand forged sword is made by the master smiths at Windlass Steelcrafts. It includes a lightning-quick rapier blade made of 1065 high carbon steel tempered to a tough spring. The entire tang is surrounded by an ornate hilt of blackened steel. The comfortable grip is wood covered in black leather. The rope motif at the parts hearkens back to the times of rigging, marauding ships and adventure.

Includes matching scabbard with skull and crossbones motif at the metal foot. Best possible for a captain of scallywags that has only a hint of nobility in him. Start your collection with this amazing sword or complete your swashbuckler outfit in a reasonably priced way that does not compromise on quality. Wood Grip is Covered in Black Leather and is Surrounded by an Ornate Hilt of Blackened Steel. Matching Scabbard with Skull and Crossbones Motif Included

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Blade Length: 82cm
Blade: Blackened 1065 high carbon steel

As this is made from high carbon steel, please keep the blade dry and oil regularly to keep in top condition.  


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