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Three Lobe Viking Sword


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Our Three Lobe Viking Sword is based on a late Viking design from around the 11th century, contemporary with the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. A similar sword was found on Canwick Common in Norfolk and is now held in the British Museum collection.

This sword features a forged and fullered steel blade, and is hilted with a short guard and three lobed pommel, with a leather wrapped grip. Although this sword has a forged blade, it is not tempered therefore not 
Approximate specifications are as follows:

Total length: 95 cm
Blade length: 78 cm
Grip length: 11 cm
Weight: 1200 g
Blade thickness (base): 0.5 cm
Blade width (base): 5 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 18 cm
Blade: High Carbon Steel, Nickel plating
Edge: Blunt
Pommel: Peened
Scabbard: Brown leather and wood
With these being high carbon steel, please keep dry when not in use and regularly oil to keep in great condition.
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