Bat'leth - Raven Forge


*This item currently has a 1-3 week lead time*

Do not think of it as a weapon. Make it part of your hand - part of your arm. Make it part of you.
- Lieutenant Worf

These blades are exclusively cut and polished by our friend and great business owner Gordon Coe of Mando metalsmith, then polished, wrapped and shipped here at Raven Forge. We made these to the exact specs extrapolated directly from the historical documentaries (DS9: "Blood Oath") where it is quoted: 
"A "warrior's configuration" for a bat'leth was "tip to tip 116 centimeters, weight five point three kilos with an exterior handgripping diameter of five centimeters [with] blades composite baakonite." Although Baakonite is the preferred blade material, we have had these made up in steel, as its easier to get hold of here on earth.

These come brown as standard, but drop us a message and for no extra charge we'll wrap the grip:


Length: 116cm
Width: 13cm or 32cm including the curve
Weight: 3kg
Edge: Blunt