Arwen’s Hadhafang Sword - The Lord of The Rings

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“If you want him, come and claim him!”

Hadhafang once belonged to the Elven princess Idril, who wed a mortal man and bore Earendil, the father of Elrond who in turn was father to Arwen. Before Arwen's birth, Elrond wielded Hadhafang at the end of the second age of Middle-Earth, during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men in the great battle against Sauron. Later his daughter, Arwen, used Hadhafang when she aided Frodo in his escape from the Ringwraiths. Inscribed on the blade are runes in the Elven language of Sindarin that say "aen estar Hadhafang i chathol hen, thand arod dan i thang an i arwen." Which translates to "this blade is called Hadhafang, a noble defense against the enemy throng for a noble lady.

The quality and craftsmanship of this replica are simply stunning, with clear attention to detail obvious from the tip to the pommel. Hadhafang features a fluid blade profile marked by gentle curves and sleek lines; the solid wooden grip is accented with metal pommel and unique vine design. To top it off, the sword also comes with a wooden plaque and a certificate of authenticity, so it can be displayed as proudly as it deserves to be.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Brand: United Cutlery
Length: 97cm
Blade Length: 76cm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Scabbard: No

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