Aradia Alcoholic Ginger Beer 3L box - DMC Brewery


This is a 3 litre fridge box with tap for all of your quaffing needs!

Hail Aradia, Queen of Light;

stand I naked in thy sight;

May this candle blessed be.

Aradia, the goddess of the moon, this ginger beer is infused with lemongrass and Kafir lime leaves and is about as tasty as it comes.

Inspired by the flavours of Yule, Valhalla reflects our love of Norse mythology. Blending aromatic cinnamon, star anise, and orange, this ginger beer is perfect next to a roaring fire any time of the year. Also tastes amazing warmed up.

DMC Brewery are an independant husband and wife team based in Leeds. Gez and Ele were disappointed by the lack of good quality alcoholic ginger beers on the market and so, sharing a natural passion and interest in brewing, they decided to make their own. Using only fresh ginger root combined with natural ingredients to preserve the true flavours, Gez and Ele have created a range of ginger beers that focuses on bringing a genuine depth of flavour and clean, fresh, natural taste.

Vol: 300ml
ABV: 4.5%