793 Mead - Lindisfarne


This is a distinctive dry mead. The Viking Age wasn't all sweetness and this Mead offers something a bit different. Enjoy a truly unique smooth but subtle blend of jasmine, thyme and milk thistle with a lingering hint of oak in the palate. 

Lindisfarne Mead is made at St. Aidan’s Winery on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, just off the coast of northern England. Their meads are inspired by the island‘s rich history, with roots in medieval days when monks first inhabited the island. 

Vol: 70cl
ABV: 14.5%  

"From across the North sea they came; their longboats landing on the long sandy Eastern shores of Lindisfarne. It was the 8th June 793. A violent beginning, they killed, destroyed and plundered. The monastery of St Aiden was destroyed. This event marked the beginning of what was to become known as the Viking Age. It was to last for nearly 300 years, they settled, they were also traders... In Northumbria they developed Eboracumr after it's capture in 866 as their Northern trading capital. It became the capital of their kingdom of Jorvik - known today as York. They brought with them their beliefs, customs and cultures. The Vikings gave us words such as lore, honeymoon, and Thursday. They believed in honor and the importance of reputation, had strict codes of conduct, enjoyed life, ate well and particularly enjoyed mead; the very drink of their Gods. A drink inseparable from their rituals, beliefs and mythology - and one they made and consumed in their own unique way."