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5" Horn Mug - Brass & Wood Base

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In Nordic culture, folks raised drinking horns full of mead, wine or beer for many moons. Horns also held place in Norse mythology; when Odin returns to Valhalla he is greeted by the Valkyries bearing mead in drinking horns. In another tale, the giant Utgard-Loke tricks Thor by having him try to drink from a horn that had its other end in the sea, preventing him from finishing the drink.

This is a beautifully polished horn mug with a wood and brass base. The interior is sealed with resin for the best drinking experience, and to prevent damage to the horn.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Volume: 400ml-500ml
Height: 5"
Material: Natural Horn & Food Safe Resin

Care Instructions are as follows:

Not suitable for dishwasher, rinse immediately after use and clean gently with cold water and dish soap. Not suitable for hot drinks, as heat may warp the horn.

Important: Horn Tankards are handmade and are natural products. They can differ in appearance, and can show imperfections from the craft. All our horns are a byproduct of the meat industry.