Midwinter Mead - The Rookery Craft Mead


At the closing of the C11th, and into the C12th, the Crusades by European Nations into the lands of the Bible brought a whole new panoply of flavours to those who took part.  This explosion of flavours is reflected in primary sources and in trade information from the period.  The Midwinter Mead reflects the mediaeval passion for these new flavours, combining whole, bitter oranges, fresh ginger and frankincense. 

Flavour notes:
The mead is dark and rich, with a marmalade lead, followed by the warmth of the fresh ginger root.  The ending is an elusive woody aroma, from the Frankincense [Boswellia Frereana – the king of frankincense], a sweet and gentle frankincense from the highland regions of Northern Somalia. This mead is perfect as an after-dinner drink or as a night cap on those cold, winter nights.

About the Meadery:
Rookery Craft Mead is an independent meadery in Perthshire. A huge amount of research goes into their meads, looking to evidence in the historical and archæological record for source material, then back-engineering these ancient drinks to create modern and exciting products. Almost all the ingredients, down to the wax seal, are foraged and sourced from the local area; if there was ever an authentic mead, this is it.

Other Information:
Vol: 70cl
ABV: 17%
No sulphites, sugars or syrups are ever used by the Rookery.  

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