Silver Birch Mead - The Rookery Craft Mead


Description from the Rookery:

Silver birch sap is tapped on the estate on which the Rookery sits and it is brewed with honey to give a warming and unique mead. Drawing from archæological evidence from the Machrie Moor site on the Isle of Arran, this mead gives toasted malt and light nuttiness. As the silver birch sap is fairly low in fermentable sugars, it is replacing the water, rather than the honey (boiled down, birch sap makes a lovely, honey-like syrup – you just need loads of it).

This mead makes a fine accompaniment to a range of foods, but it is particularly fine chilled with a cheeseboard.

Store in a cool, dark place. Shelf-life is in excess of 1 year.

ABV: 17%

Volume: 700ml