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Operation: Castle Raven Forge

Our Kickstarter launches on the 17th August 2022 (you can check it out here), we're super excited about it, it's going to have some great stretch goals and rewards - sign up for notifications to keep in the loop!! 

What's the goal?

Operation Castle Raven forge is officially in effect. Sam and I have officially registered our interest in a massive Victorian ex-school site in our hometown of Silsden and are offering them the full asking price of £1.55 million.

Never before have we been so excited and terrified, but we live a life of doing mad stuff, and if we’re being honest, a lot of thought and pre-planning has gone in to this and we plan on smashing it. There is a meeting with the council next week to discuss our proposition.

Lets be honest, next port of call the for the good ship Raven Forge has always been a public setting for our amazing community and customers, and we intend to do just that. In the long term, this will house not only Raven Forge and Raven Forge Sabers, but also what we are we’re referring to as the Raven Forge experience. This experience will consist of a bricks and mortar shop that will be open to the public, you’ll be able to see our stock in person and buy yourself something amazing. The Raven Forge Axe throwing range where you can test/use your favourite axes, as well as compete and book out for events. The mead hall, where you can sample the best meads from around the world and sit and have a glass in the most epic of settings, surrounded by wood and history. Finally, if we can pull of some real magic with the help of our amazing community, we'll offer blacksmithing experiences run by some of our own, as well as by some visiting blacksmiths where you can experience the heat of the forge and make some sparks of your own.


We will save the beautiful old school building and it will start a new life as “Castle Raven Forge”, and very importantly for the locals, will be protected from the development of yet more houses. It would also contain a high-tech recording studio (that I’m sure would be of great interest to local collages and education departments). On top of all this, we are also really excited to be turning a portion of the grounds in to a play area and community green-space for the resident of Silsden and our customers, you would be able to come for the day and bring your doggo! I know it sounds like we’re hammering the Silsden local community advantages, but please understand we are the local Silsden community and have lived here and raised our kids here for over 30 years. 

What we need

It's quite simple, we need money. We're asking you for help in the only way we know how, by giving away epic stock and creating mad limited edition stuff. We have a portion of the funds and a great plan, but this castle isn’t going to happen without your support. We’re running a Kickstarter campaign where our communities can get involved for some amazing backer rewards (think limited edition pizza axes, merch and the opportunity for you to make your mark on Castle Raven Forge). We want to have somewhere to call home and be able to invite you all to join us. We’re not asking for something for nothing, we’re going to be offering some once in a lifetime opportunities and amazing collectables in return, but the truth is, if we want to do this, we’re doing it together, side by side, shields locked.

This is an opportunity to live the dream and make something that I don’t think exists anywhere in the world.


Onwards, to Castle Raven Forge


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