The Fenrir Axe


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Note: these are cusotmised here at the RFHQ workshop and can have a 1-2 week lead time.

Fenrir, the great wolf, will free himself from his shackles. His mouth will gape: his upper jaw will reach the heavens, the lower jaw will touch the earth. There is nothing he cannot eat, nothing he will not destroy. Flames come from his eyes and his nostrils. Where Fenris Wolf walks, flaming destruction follows. 

- Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology 

Our Fenrir axes are back; the bearded high carbon heads are intricately acid-etched with a Celtic knot-work Fenrir design, leading to a burnt and waxed English Ash haft, wrapped in chunky brown leather; it is truly a thing to behold.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 68.5cm
Head width: 10cm
Blade length: 15.5cm
Grip length: 61cm
Weight: 900g
Edge: blunt
Material: High carbon steel, Ash, leather

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This product is high carbon steel which is not moisture-resistant. Please oil regularly to keep in top condition.