Custom Colour Bearded throwing axe


All the colours of the Bifrost! If you want a throwing axe with a bit of character you've come to the right place!

These axes have a bearded head and are hafted for throwing on 27" English Ash. They can be customised with your choice of coloured leather. We've got beautiful and tasteful Matt Black, Antique Grey, Dusty Red, Forest Green, Mid Blue and Purple.

If you're looking for a completely mad looking thing that will blind your enemies before you even need to throw your axe, we also have Hot Pink, Zesty Yellow and Tangerine Scream. Go nuts and get some colour in your life (and armoury). 

These coloured leathers can wrap nearly all of our axes in the collection, so if you're after a different axe with leather wrapping, fire a message to and we'll sort you out!

Approximate specifications as follows: 

Total length: 68.5cm
Head length: 15.5cm
Neck width: 3.7cm
Cutting length: 15.5cm
Weight: 958g
Handle material: English Ash
Steel: EN45, high carbon steel should be regularly oiled to keep in great condition.


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